Visibility Through Technology

Data Tracking

UDS offers a complete Chain-of-Custody and visibility to the status of your shipments through a series of verifiable transactions that occur at each step during the shipping process.

UDS Website
To provide easy package tracking to customers, we have a public website that is updated in real-time. Customers can search for their package by typing in any of the following:

  • tracking number (barcode)
  • order number (customer order number / invoice number, etc.)
  • delivery notice number (this is the number on the delivery notice that is left in the event that UDS is unable to leave the package for some reason)

Public APIs
UDS offers public APIs to allow you to integrate tracking data into your own website. UDS can also provide a URL that can be used to embed a link in your order confirmation email to allow your customers to easily track their packages.

  • JSON, XML, or HTML responses

Tracking Events to Your Management System
UDS can send events directly to your management system based on your specifications. Tracking updates can be sent in real time for receive, out for delivery and delivered events. Exception tracking is available as well. Various file and transmission options are available.

Automated Calling
UDS will provide a courtesy call to your customer in the event of a failed delivery attempt. Such calls are scheduled each afternoon in the event that we have been provided your customer’s phone number on order entry. This is a standard courtesy. The customer will be informed that the delivery was attempted and will be attempted again on the following business day. Additionally, the driver will leave a Delivery notice on the door at the time of the attempt, containing a barcode/ number that the customer can track on our website.