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Why Choose United Delivery Service, Ltd.?

At UDS, we instill in our employees the idea that we are more than a delivery service, we are an important extension of every customer's business.

For 33 years, UDS has forged relationships with companies that demand reliability, honesty and consistency day in and day out. Working with leading pharmaceutical, financial, printing and graphics, architectural, floral and other business markets, we have to maintain a standard of excellence in our people, our order entry systems, and our fleet and shipping options. When you partner with UDS, you will come to understand the sincere effort we take in learning about your business needs and challenges so that we can offer you the best possible service.

In addition, when working with UDS you will take advantage of one of the most sophisticated and reliable order tracking systems available. You will be able to pinpoint exactly where every package is at any moment and will know precisely when it will be delivered. Problems? We spot them before they become serious and provide a customized backup solution.

With UDS on your team, you can eliminate the cost and potential liability of running your own vehicles.

With UDS, you will be able to choose from multiple delivery options that result in the value you seek.

With UDS, it's around the clock 365 days a year.

Give United Delivery Service the opportunity to workup a Needs Assessment evaluation with you in person or on the phone. Discover the delivery company that does a lot more than deliver the goods.