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Technology Data Preparation

"Once orders have been loaded into the UDS system, the data is prepared for appropriate package handling. Some key processes in data preparation include geocoding, load balancing and route optimization. These processes provide drivers with the most effective routes and the necessary tools to get your packages delivered to the correct destination and on time.";  Call Customer Service: 630-930-5201

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Once an order is entered into the UDS system, the address is geocoded using multiple reliable sources for increased accuracy. Obtaining an address’s geocode is vitally important to our operation for many reasons including the following:

Load Balancing

Using the geocodes assigned on import, our proprietary load balancing software can spread loads across drivers within a single zipcode based on lat/long. Loads are generated using complex assignment logic based on a set of rules involving weight, pieces, zone class, zip code and other factors. Proprietary UDS load balancing software automatically breaks down the work into the desired number of routes and balances the work into loads based on the geographic location of the orders.This automatic process increases efficiency and accuracy while building the most dense, sensible routes using the fewest drivers possible..

Route Optimization

UDS has researched and developed custom algorithms and software supported by the Google Enterprise APIs. Using geocodes and a proprietary implementation of a genetic TSP algorithm, we iterate through thousands of ‘candidate’ routes before selecting a ‘best’ route based on a set of operational and business requirements. While adhering to our customer’s time restrictions and requirements, we provide our drivers with the most stream-lined, efficient routes possible.


The sort process is key in the success of our operation. It is the first injection point of the packages into the UDS network and the point at which we apply the sort labels. The labels contain pertinent information to help our staff move the packages through the system seamlessly. UDS has designed many internal tools to monitor this activity, from realtime throughput on the conveyors at each injection point to monitoring the percent of sort complete. These tools allow UDS staff to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that all packages are sorted according to schedule.

Maps & Driving Directions

Once a route is optimized, the system will produce detailed maps and directions for the driver to follow on route. Should the driver need to alter the route manually for any reason, we do have a web-based interface for that. However, drivers are restricted against moving stops that will cause a delivery to be ‘late’ according to the calculated ETAs. Maps & driving directions are provided to the drivers to take with them on route.


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Using the most advanced courier technologies, UDS provides the tools to enable your company to print barcoded labels, track your packages in real time, analyze your data and print reports from our 100% web-based interface.


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