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About Us

"For more than four decades,  UDS has forged relationships with companies that demand reliability, honesty and consistency day in and day out. We take security very seriously from driver security to the security of your package, we ensure your package gets to you on time and secured."  Call Customer Service: 630-930-5201

More than just a delivery service…we are an important extension of your business.

Meeting Diverse Needs


Compliance & Protection

UDS remains up-to-date with federal,
state and local regulatory standards
that may affect your deliveries,
including HIPAA and DOT.

Building& Dock Security

Our contingency plans are structured on tested procedures that address natural disasters, service errors, accidents and emergencies.

The following measures are in place to ensure timely, accurate and secure control against loss:

  • Regular and Random audits and testing by trained security personnel to insure 
    the highest level of compliance to security procedures.
  • Access Control System Photo ID badges for all UDS Personnel and drivers
  • Alarm systems
  • Locked Security Gates & Doors
  • Vaults (‘Control Cages’) – meet federal regulations for storing containers identified as controlled substances
  • Monthly DC Security Audits
  • 16-point surveillance system per site
  • Real-time video monitoring of one or more sites (Security Personnel)
  • Historical video accessible online for 6 months


Driver Security

Drivers are subject to background checks, drug and alcohol testing, and must produce a current motor vehicle report and proof of insurance. On the job, they’re uniformed and equipped with smart ID badges to verify their identity. Random drug testing and insurance expiration tracking are two ways that UDS ensures continued compliance.

Hiring process flow:

Vehicle Security

Regular and Random audits and testing by trained security personnel insure the highest level of compliance to security procedures. While conducting deliveries, vehicles and drivers are equipped with a variety of anti-theft tools such as GPS tracking. Our technology creates a Chain of Custody for everything you ship.

Flexible Solutions

At UDS, we chose to build our own technology, allowing us to quickly adapt to the growing technological needs of the industry. This allows for flexibility and responsiveness during integrations.More importantly, we can continually offer our customers the most advanced technology available, such as GPS and imaging technology and other integral tools to help pinpoint your deliveries. These technologies bring you total visibility into the delivery process.

Our services have been designed to offer flexibility as well. A single service may not suit the needs of every customer. Our Same Day, Next Day and Customized Routed services offer flexible options. Our services may be customized or combined to offer a complete shipping solution for your company. Contact us today and we will find the solution that best suits the needs of your company.

Looking for a partner to provide consistent performance across your growing customer base and who is diligently seeking innovative methods to help you increase profitability? When you partner with United Delivery Service you will understand the sincere effort we take in learning about your business needs and challenges so that we can offer the best possible solution.


UDS offers the flexibility of customized delivery solutions for same day or overnight deliveries. Consult with one of our industry specialists for a personalized solution.

Let UDS be your "last mile" shipper. Your products can be routed directly to our distribution centers, cross-docked, or picked up and delivered to your final endpoint.

Customized Routing

If your volume fluctuates, our dynamic routing system enables us to accommodate your time constraints and delivery requirements while providing a consistent level of service along with reducing the carbon footprint of all parties in the supply chain.

Fleet replacement

Eliminate the cost of staffing your own delivery fleet and the trouble of dealing with inconsistent volume. UDS will design a cost effective delivery solution for your business needs. Vehicle and load optimization reduces the carbon footprint.


Moving pallets can often seem complicated. Let UDS take stress out of the equation. With pick-up and delivery service in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, our experienced freight delivery team will get the job done and exceed your expectations. Using the most efficient vehicle and combining shipments, when possible, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for us all.

Next Day

UDS can handle Next Day B2B and B2C deliveries up to seven days a week and within "windows" as late as 8:00PM. Our dynamic routes are optimized / customized every day depending on the zones being serviced. Customized routes are designed to meet customers’ business hours and restrictions. UDS uses advanced technology to provide our customers with real-time, GPS tracking and online monitoring and reports.

Pick & Ship

Let us know when and where you need one of your warehoused products delivered and let us take care of the rest. Inventory updates let you know when to replenish your goods.

Same Day

Traditional Same day courier service with the added extras the help you increase your market share.

Retail, Brick and Mortar locations – Add same-day delivery service to your service arsenal. UDS can pick up from your nearest retail location to your customer and deliver the purchase before the E-tailer, using a fulfillment center, can ship the product. Scheduling delivery services when their customers want them allows the Retailer to beat the E-tailer in delivering the goods. Available throughout the Chicagoland Market let us work with you to provide the best solution for your local customers.

Bulk distribution – pickups from your location for same day delivery allows for later fulfillment, while enabling you to provide prompt courteous service to your customers throughout the Chicagoland area.

Scheduled Routed

If you have reoccurring needs let us give you the best solution to fit your needs…

Daily, scheduled, time-specific delivery solutions give you piece of mind that your deliveries will consistently be where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Our robust routing structure allows us to insure the same service commitments no matter what your scheduled service requirements are, local or out of town, early or late.

Scheduling your deliveries with us greatly reduces your company’s carbon footprint. We will utilize our system’s route optimization and the most efficient vehicle possible; further reducing the total carbon footprint.


We make it our business to understand and address the unique delivery challenges of your business. Our representatives are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Using the most advanced courier technologies, UDS provides the tools to enable your company to print barcoded labels, track your packages in real time, analyze your data and print reports from our 100% web-based interface.


Call one of our representatives today and we will help you to find the solution that best suits your company’s business needs, increases your profits and improves your overall delivery experience.